Shamaa X Yellow Block

Our special collaboration with Yellow Block features the best selection of cheese and the right candles for a perfect setup ready in minutes!
These colors have been carefully selected to blend with the brand colors of yellow block and Shamaa!
The cheese board has been specially treated to be food resistant, but should still be handled with care. It is a wooden item and should be wiped clean with a damp cloth.
The crescent was made to hold our special edition gradient of blue and purple candles! It can be refilled endlessly to bring light and set the mood to your gatherings.
We have designed this special board so you can reuse the cheese tray as a decorative item for your coffee tables, as a serving platter, or as anything else you can think of!
Stuck together or separated and used individually, this 2-in-1 board is the only thing you need for your next gathering!